Guelph Buses Need to Run Earlier on Sundays

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It is time to get the buses running at earlier times, especially with the growing population & urbanization of the city. It is hard enough to get around as it is (a 15 minute drive can take an hour and a half of the bus) and having late "start" times on the weekends don't make it easier.

Why is it that bus services have to begin at 10AM on a Sunday? This leaves zero consideration for people that work jobs overnight and don't have people to help drive them around the city. So rather than taking a 3$ ride to go back to my home I now need to pay $30 every Sunday to take a taxi. So every month that means I have to use $120 of my finances ON TOP of the fee I pay for a bus pass to take me around? That's ridiculous.

Some may say "change your work hours" or "get a new job" but this is definitely easier said than done + why do I have to leave a job that makes me happy for an inadequate bus system?

I am happy the city is slowly starting to change and we are starting to see more movement, but with this pace it's time to move faster and update the system. Add more routes and START EARLY ON WEEKENDS (6-7am) seeing as factory workers and overnight workers still need to get to their family + would rather spend that money elsewhere.