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We the women and men that have signed below are writing to express our concern at the brutal killings of women and girls in Guatemala.  The ongoing demand to seek justice and to end impunity demanded by women and men in Guatemala can not continue to be unheard by your government. Women and girls in Guatemala have the same human rights as women all over the world according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 


Your failure as authorities to prevent the killing but above all to bring the killers to justice is totally objectionable.


We urge the Guatemalan authorities to truthfully investigate all cases, condemn the abduction and murder of women and girls and bring legislation in line with international standards. 

Letter to
The President of Guatemala Otto Fernando Perez Molina
Human Rights Ombudsman Jorge de Leon Duque
Guatemala Ambassador to UK Acisclo Valladares Molina
End the brutal killings of women and girls in Guatemala.

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