Merit based progression for GTU final year exam

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As we all know that covid-19 cases are increasing day by day with daily a new record of cases & deaths. People are combating with the thought that covid has got a hold of our country and among such state of affairs GTU is holding exams.

GTU final year exam starting on 2nd July is totally not going to help but worsen the situation.  Medical professionals & director of AIIMS himself stated that seeing the current scenario covid is going to peak in July. How can we put our lives at risk & also it will directly put our family to the great risk. 

Merit based promotion because this is the final year & if we don’t get the results on time we would fail to hold on opportunities. And merit based promotion won’t make a huge difference anyway. It does not affect placements & the stuff regardless of appearing in exam or getting merit based promotion. 

As far as UG exams is concern. Every semester in college has matching significance. It’s not like the 11th & 12th grade. Here all semester results has equal gravity. Then why it is that the last year student has to give exams & others get promotion. I wonder, at once gtu final year students immune system is boosted. Final year students has already been through lot of exams but doesn’t mean they are rewarded extra immunity in the course of time. 

 Also many student live very far from the exam centre. It is very difficult to reach exam centre in present pandemic time. Additional before lockdown many of us had already left the hostel and PG house we left with just clothes as usual living behind all the study materials.

I hope you understand all the situations.