Add 'Other' Gender Option in All College Forms of Karnataka Govt Universities

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I was rejected by 7 different colleges between the age of 20 and 25. All because there was a gender discrepancy on my documents.

As a transgender person, I have the right to education just like everyone else. I also have the right to a dignified life with the identity I choose.

Sign my petition to get the Karnataka Department of Education to include an ‘Other’ option for gender in all the college forms of government universities. In 2014, the Supreme Court already ruled that this must be done because transgender people like me have equal rights to lead a life of dignity.

In 2017, Karnataka also passed its transgender policy which aims at creating awareness about transgender people in all educational institutes and to reduce discrimination against us.

Despite this, in colleges, people like me aren’t allowed to wear the designated girls’ uniforms or use the women’s toilets.

After struggling for 5 years, I finally found a private institution that accepted me after I checked the “Female” box under Gender in the admission form.

But I continued to suffer discrimination. Like all other institutions, the one that accepted me did not offer protection for transgender people or facilities like a sexual harassment cell, scholarships or even counselling centres that included transgender people.

In 2008, I was forced to drop out but thankfully found support in my transgender community.

I kept fighting for my rights and got admission in 2015 in St. Joseph's College in Bangalore. And in 2018, I graduated.

People like me don’t get accepted in mainstream jobs. Because of this, many transgender people are forced to be part of the sex trade. This puts us all at high risk. When some of us struggle to break out of this cycle, educational institutions discriminate against us. This has to change.

Sign my petition. Together, we can convince the Karnataka Department of Education to include an 'Other' gender option in admission forms, so that we, as Transgenders can access our due Right to Education.

This will help me and people like me lead a life of dignity.