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Remove Dingo from Staff

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It's been very clear that Dingo, a Co-Owner of CreativeCraft, has made many significant changes, but most of these changes revolve around himself.

It's evident that Dingo wants all the power to himself, and he has managed to do the following to ensure the power is in his hands:

- Upon joining the staff team, he requested Senior Mods be removed.

 - However, after rejection of his suggestion, he went on to reduce the powers of the Senior Moderator rank to make the permissions very similar to what a Moderator rank had.

- He then made sure the high staff resigned in order to obtain more power.

So far, he has made 2 managers resign, and almost caused the other Co-Owner to resign.

Dingo has also executed many false bans, which mostly revolve around the ex-staff members.

We need to remove Dingo from the staff team quick. If we don't stop him now, when? With Dingo as the Co-Owner, anything could go wrong. CreativeCraft is already going downhill. With the addition of Dingo's planned actions, there is a higher chance that CreativeCraft may land into certain doom.

We need to stop him now, or never. Sign the petition today.

As confirmed, his next plan of action is to unban everyone from the server, temporary or permanent. This has been confirmed to be planned by him. I've removed the following message as I was unsure, but the message I removed is as follows:

As the following countdown shows, there is only a limited amount of time left before he executes his next plan of action, to unban everyone from CreativeCraft.

There are many, many ways that this could go wrong. These include the people who crashed the server coming back, hackers coming back, and persistent rulebreakers coming back, and possible SpamBots. Do you want this? Do you really? This is his biggest plan yet. By unbanning everyone, your experience on CreativeCraft will be affected. Take action now. Sign this petition.


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