Stop unreasonable fee hike at Harvest International School, Bengaluru.

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We the parents of Harvest International School, are appalled, shocked and agitated by the atrocities of the School Management.

Every year there is a 10% fee increase without any justification. There is a steep increase of average 35K per annum, per child in the last 2 years, which is huge for middle class and as per the standards maintained by the school.

When parents are left with no option but share true feedback on Google, the school owner threatened the parents with legal action in response (later deleted). They pushed teachers and other staff members to give highest rating as a damage control mechanism to improve school rating on social media platforms.

The Govt. education policies are not adhered to.

  • According to Karnataka education Act (No. ED 317 PGC 2012, Bengaluru, Dated: 18.5.2018), School should disclose the fee for the next academic year by 31st Dec of the previous year.

  • Harvest plan hike in such manner as also seen for 2019-2020:

    1. First get confirmation on seats for existing kids and then,

    2. Informs parents about the new fee structure, in mid of March.

    3. Since all other school admissions are closed, parents feel cheated and are left with no option.

  • The fee structure is is unregulated and not published by the school openly.

  • No clarity in the fee structure as different students are made to pay different fees. Even the students of same grade are made to pay different fee.

The facility provided to the students are very basic, there is no focus on extracurricular activities. Moral Education, General knowledge and other additional subjects are not part of the curriculum. School has removed it from portions to save on cost of the teaching staff.

When parents raised issue on fee hike, unjustified reason of fee hike was given. Parents were finally advised to move their children to other schools, if they were not in agreement with the decision. The Police officials were also kept in the compound during meeting with parents to intimidate them.

It is becoming difficult for parents to bear this unregulated fee hike every year specially when the fee charged by the school are already on a higher side as compared to other schools of same standard. We request school management to kindly consider the matter and revoke the complete hike.

The question being raised here is simple and fundamental. Can private schools act dictatorially and treat education as a commodity business? Do parents not deserve sharing their opinion and have a say in where the fees is going in comparison to the facilities provided?

In view of the above mentioned government policy, we request the Education Minister of Karnataka, government authorities and school management to look into this matter on high priority.