Close Georgia State University campuses Fall 2020- Switch to all online classes

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The total charges for facilities on campus this semester are 509 dollars. 

Athletic fee = $275,  Recreation fee = $38,Student center fee = $36, Transportation fee = $57, Total library fee = $18 activity fee = $85

the main excuse for these charges is that the facilities are still "technically" open however as many know most of these facilities are rather empty and underused. However, the real question is why are they open in the first place? The U.S has had over SIX MILLION cases and 185 THOUSAND deaths. How does our school think it's ok to have these facilities open or allow for any on-campus classes. It's understandable that this semester will be really difficult but there is no reason to risk people's lives. Finally, the virus has begun to cause the death of younger patients as well as athletes. No one is completely safe.