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To make GST system more accountable to the end customer and reduce tax evasion

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Thanks to GST, there is lot of transparency in the taxes we pay for the goods and services as the total tax amount  is clearly visible on the invoice or bills.

As an end customer / service recipient of typical middle class family, we pay GST in many places like restaurants, retail shops, saloons, repair services, pest control, Maintenance of building, Mile stone payments to builders for the purchase of property,  fees to coaching centers etc. which attract GST.

We pay GST as part of the invoice or bill to  large  as well as  small  business establishments. We all believe that the taxes collected from end customer or users like us are remitted to the tax authorities properly. But we are not sure whether these establishments remit taxes fully and properly. 

As an end user or customer there is no mechanism for us  to corroborate or check this aspect. We only have the bills n invoices as a supporting proof for the taxes collected from us on the goods or services we received in our hands.

GSTN system provides this cross checking facility for the B To B (business to business) transactions for both seller and purchaser but there is no such facility for B to C (business to customer)transactions i.e the purchases we make as an end user.

The end customer is at the mercy of the business establishment who collects taxes from us and is supposed to deposit these taxes with Govt net of input credits.

I have been writing  to PMO, Finance Ministry, GST council, CBEC, IT ministry etc on this issue but no one  has responsed positively so far.

What I am  asking is a simple solution where in the end customer should be given a search option on the GSTN website.  By keying in two or three fields namely the GSTN regn number of the seller, tax Invoice number and date  of the purchase of goods or services  made, the end customer should be able to know whether the seller has declared the said invoice to Govt and paid taxes. If not declared the invoice, we should be able to complain also.

There may be a delay in uploading the invoices by the sellers but it can not exceed 3 to 4 months.

This cross checking option if given to end customer will create a fear in the minds of establishments who want to avoid declaring some portion of the sales or service to Govt. Any  system which interacts and engages  the people i.e end users will strengthen the governance process.

GSTN system should be capable of giving this facility. Hence I request honest citizens of India to come together and support me in this Iniative.

Look forward to your support.

B Govinda Raju.Chennai.









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