Decision Maker Response

Milind Deora’s response

Milind Deora
President of Mumbai Congress

Apr 23, 2019 — Dear Mehaan,
It's heartening to see your petition talking about differently-abled rights, asking for zero GST on all equipment for all those who are differently-abled. The social consciousness you have shown at such a young age and your concern for people around you is commendable. I hear you and the people who have signed this petition.

When GST on equipment for the differently-abled was introduced, Congress President Rahul Gandhi categorically said that this shows complete insensitivity towards our most vulnerable. He demanded a full rollback of this ‘disability tax’ that put millions of those who are differently-abled through further hardship.

I have staunchly supported the rights of all sections of society and have been a vocal supporter of rights for the differently-abled. As a fellow Mumbaikar, I have always believed in making our cities inclusive in ways that serve the needs of all citizens. Therefore, I pledge to working towards ensuring that GST on equipment for the differently-abled is rolled back.

Thank you for bringing this petition to my notice. I believe that we can together build an inclusive Mumbai, an inclusive India.

Milind Deora
President, Mumbai Congress.