@GST_Council: Abolish the 18% GST on Higher Education

@GST_Council: Abolish the 18% GST on Higher Education

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Ananya Krishna started this petition to Ministry of Finance and

We all come in this world with throbbing enthusiasm to succeed and achieve all our dreams. Most of us have dreamed of pursuing higher education.

It’s quite natural that as we grow up our enthusiasm to succeed gradually transforms into a struggle to survive. Have you ever wondered why is this the tendency of most people? It’s simply because of the ever increasing expenditures on the basic necessities in our life!

People struggle to meet even their basic needs of food, shelter and clothes. There are a few people in our society who can easily afford to live a luxurious life.

Is education considered a luxury or a basic need for the common man? With the growing international competition for the professional courses, higher education is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Unfortunately, higher education falls under the 18% GST bracket with the roll out of the Goods and Services in India.

18% GST on higher education, putting it under the "luxury category"? Something needs to be done about this.

This is why I am starting this petition asking the GST Council to re-examine the 18% GST on higher education, as it is a basic need and not a luxury. There should be no GST on higher education. 

Social and economic progress in any developing nation is based on its ability to leverage human capital. With over one million young people entering the workforce each month, high taxes are hampering India’s growth prospects.

Increased taxes:

  1. Create a hindrance for developing soft skills in the people of our country.
  2. Indirectly affect the job market of our nation. There is a job crisis despite of India being the fastest growing major economy.

It is well known that many institutions of higher learning source various services from third parties since their focus primarily revolves around imparting education.

“As institutions do not have any GST on income to adjust its input tax credit, the increased cost is ultimately borne by students”, says a recent media campaign run by Career360, an educational portal.

While skill development programs and other courses offered at the IIMs are exempt from GST, all other higher education courses continue to levy the 18% GST.

Many other services like movie tickets, TV and monitor screens, power banks, beauty parlours, digital cameras, business class air tickets fall under a lower GST bracket. Is the government trying to tell us that these amenities are more important than literacy?

"I want to make my parents proud" should not remain just a dream for those young little souls who leave no stone unturned to become skilful and dynamic and aspire to be an asset for the society.

Slapping an 18% GST on higher education only creates more hurdles for young Indians seeking access to quality higher education, thus affecting India’s ability to reap its demographic dividend.

Sign this petition asking the GST council to consider re-examining the issue for the benefit of its young population and eradicate GST on higher education as it is a basic need and not a luxury. 

We can make this a reality for the welfare and justice of each and every citizen of our nation. #NoGSTonEducation

0 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!
At 25,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!