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Demand Maximum penalty for Man who sexually assaulted puppy

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Call GSPCA at 226-4237 and demand that serious action be taken against abuser. Let him be an Example to any others.
Man caught sexually assaulting landlady’s pet puppy

March 1, 2013 | By KNews | Filed Under News

An East Bank Essequibo man’s intimate love affair with some domesticated animals duly came to a halt when he was caught having sex with his landlady’s pet female dog ‘Pinky’.
The man, who was described as a Zoophiliac (one who has a sexual attraction towards animals), was arrested and is in custody at the Leonora Police Station, while the six-month-old dog was examined by a veterinary physician, who confirmed that she was the victim of a brutal sexual assault.
Kaieteur News understands that the man had been offered free boarding in the bottom flat apartment of the woman’s house at Tuschen, but as it turned out, his eye caught fire when he saw that the landlady owned several animals.
Tuesday night’s discovery was by the landlady herself. This was after weeks of suspicion that something strange was happening to her animals.
This newspaper was informed that on Tuesday night, she heard her dog screaming and went downstairs to see what was wrong with it. She observed that the sounds were coming from within the apartment that she had allowed the stranger to stay in.
When she peered through an open window, she was greeted with the sight of a naked man kneeling over her pet whose four feet were sprawled in the air.
“I shout out ‘Hello, wha’ nastiness you doing deh?’ He look up and see me and he run to he bed and put on a brief,” the woman told Kaieteur News yesterday, just after having given a statement to the police.
She demanded that the man let her dog out and he complied.
“If you see my dog; like she in pain. So I threaten he fuh tell de police and he lock up de door tight, tight,” the woman explained.
She eventually went to the police the following morning, but by then the man had already fled the premises. However, he returned later to collect some of his belongings and it was then that he was promptly arrested.

The suspect

“The Vet examine the puppy and he said that the man interfere with she,” the woman stated.
This might not be the first time that the man would have molested her animals.
According to the woman, she first noticed something unusual with her chickens and a goat she was rearing. She said that she had heard strange sounds coming from her animals, but never knew the cause.
“I never see he before with the other animals, but I suspected him with the fowls. I find two ah dem cock-up dead. Then I see the goat vagina swell up. Now I catch he red-handed with my dog,” the woman related.
A police source has confirmed that the man will face bestiality charges soon.

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