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Let us start a Gay & Straight Alliance in Neillsville High School for all of those who are struggling with their sexual orientation.

I am a High Schooler witnessing my best friend go through rough times with her sexual orientation. I would like things to change in other schools, including mine, so we can be one, with equal diversity. Equality is important within a school so we can all work as a group to bring out the best in people. People are being bullied, put down, even expelled, by people who are offended by Gays. Well I say we stand up to this nonsence, these "Laws", and change them for the better. My friend is feeling like she has to be shoved back into the closet just because of her sexual orientation. Nobody should feel like that, not even you. So support this cause, it's been a heated topic in the society for a long time, I know, I've supported every movement for Gay Rights. But I think it's time to make it finally go through. I wore a shirt today saying "Nobody Knows I'm A Lesbian" with that girl. And we got in trouble for it because it "offends" the other students. It's not her fault she's attracted to women, it's not anybodys fault. It's just her, and she wants to be heard. Please help support this cause. It would mean a lot to so many people. Including her. 

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