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Lets grow healthy together - The 'Grow For All' movement promotes and shares the truth that we can easily grow free organic food in public spaces to feed us all, using natures gifts to bypass political and economic conflict and stagnation.

By signing this petition you are showing your support for the growing of nutritious, organic food in place of the none food bearing plants are so often grown in towns, parks and other community areas.

This petition is specifically aimed to be sent to individuals in USA government agencies; another general petition is available for general use.
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Blessings to all.

Letter to
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Senate
President of the United States
I, presenting as the undersigned, put forward the request that initiative be taken where possible and appropriate to integrate the growing of free, healthy, nutritious, organic food such as fruit, berries and vegetables into public spaces.

The choice to do so represents a willingness to recognise that food is not meant to be hoarded or withheld from people because they do not have money and that so many of our daily issues can be resolved through compassionate teamwork and cannot be resolved in other ways.

It is so simple to grow such food and a relatively minimal application of intent towards achieving this goal will go a long way to easing a variety of pressures in society which non-compassionate, competitive 'strategies' have always and will always fail at resolving because competition and 'strategy' based way of thinking is as much a part of why the pressure is present in the first place.

There may be resistance to this way of thinking as it highlights the non compassionate, non evolving nature of hierarchic competition and the established institutions who could help quite easily are themselves often entrenched in such self destructive thinking and direction.

With intent to inspire fresh thought on the subject, I request that you consider the questions:

"Why does governmental policy often reflect the interests of a few business owners in place of what would actually be of true use to everyone?"

"What is it in the psyche which leads to the false belief that 'I am safer if I help others to fail'?" - Which is the image that is projected by many of the competitively spun/angled regulations and choices that are made in most/all capitalist oriented country models as of what has been called 'the year 2010' on Earth. Simply by supporting the idea that land and food can be 'owned' and is not free to be shared we re-enforce that which brings us all suffering... No-one is excluded in that on some level or in some way.

The move to grow free, clean, organic food which is available to all will go a long way to rebuilding community spirit and inspiring new growth and loving support for us, our children and all life on this planet.

kind regards,

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