Ban Dating at Grove City College

Ban Dating at Grove City College

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WHEREAS, Dating and romantic relationships results in an extreme opportunity cost and waste of potential hours of studying for the rigors of Grove City College academics. Time wasted in tedious relationships could be spent in up to an additional 6 credit hours of academic study.

WHEREAS, The culture of dating and relationships are toxic in the status quo at Grove City, where innocent acts of kindness are intentionally misconstrued as acts of selfish objectification.

WHEREAS, Official college promotion of "dances" and "Valentines day" promulgates a culture of expectation of dating is creative within the Grove City culture. Those not in romantic relationships are often shamed by students, creating unnecessary anxiety that detracts from academic study.

WHEREAS, Dating at the college stage often fosters un-Christlike behaviors. This requires RA's to incessantly patrol halls during open hours, monitoring all the behavior of students and distracted the studious from their studies.

WHEREAS, Dating and romantic standards promotes discrimination based on physical stature and athletic build, where kind-hearted, high achieving students are often openly considered worthless by the student body merely due not meeting the idealized physical image of mankind. 

WHEREAS, The dating culture and promotion of college events results in monetary losses for the college with college funding for dances and the cost of RA's to monitor dating culture.

WHEREAS, Promoting a dating culture and asking out promotes toxic femininity and masculinity, unacceptable in a post-Me Too culture. Furthermore, due to the complicated nature of courtship in the modern era, those that express romantic interest may be unduly accused of sexual harassment.

WHEREAS, Romantic couples often engage in public displays of affection, causing discord and strife amongst the student body.

WHEREAS, Public promotion of romantic interactions often spur illicit drinking, necessitating the removal of the charter of notable sororities and fraternities. Therefore, an adherence to the broken window theory regarding dating could be solvent in regards to more extreme matters. 

WHEREAS, Other Christian colleges have gained a reputation for a passion for Christ, partially based on restrictions on romantic interactions.


A. Grove City College Student life should stipulate in the Crimson and publicly announce the prohibition of all romantic relationships amongst the members of the student body, excluding engaged and married couples.

B. A 60 day grace period should ensue to allow as many relationships as possible to either end on natural terms or result in engagement. 

C. After the 60 day grace period, those that continue to engage in new relationships or relationships not covered by the aforementioned exceptions (see above), should be warned. Those that continue to covertly engage in dating and romantic activates should be suspended.

D. Campus Safety should be given authorization to apprehend those engaged in public displays of affection, using any and all means authorized to Campus Safety to manage the uncompliant. 

1 Corinthians 7:1-9 



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