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Stop Supporting Elephant Abuse

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What could Groupon be thinking? I am outraged that Groupon is making money from animal cruelty.

It's the year 2012 and they're trying to be this cool, trendy company, but they are totally out of touch when it comes to circus abuse. They have done deals with circuses including Circus Gatti- which was reportedly cited by the USDA just last year for unsafe conditions that put kids and animals at risk!

It is not right to profit from circuses that beat, chain, and confine elephants and big cats. This is wrong. They are wild animals.

Elephants trapped in circuses are chained an average of 26 hours straight!

We wouldn't tolerate Groupon promoting human abuse, so why tolerate it when the victims are animals?

Please sign my petition to tell Groupon to stop being so money-hungry and realize these circuses torture animals by trucking them across the country, chaining them up for hours at a time, using sharp metal bullhooks to beat them, and forcing them to do stupid tricks under bright lights.

I have been a loyal Groupon customer in the past (I'm just a regular person, not an organization) and have enjoyed many of their deals, but will not buy anything from them as long as they continue to profit from circuses that use animals.

Why not promote family-friendly non-animal circuses, outdoor activities, movies, museums, and other things that do not require endangered, magnificent creatures to be chained and beaten?

After signing, please call Groupon to tell them to do the right thing. 1-888-375-5777

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