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Stop Selling Fake Eyelashes Made of Real Mink Fur!!!

Have you heard of mink eyelash extensions? Neither had I until I saw them on Groupon. But apparently they're all the range and now they are 68% off on Groupon - But what Groupon don't tell you is the price these poor animals have to pay for these long lashes! 

There's absolutely nothing attractive about glueing animal fur to your face. Don't get me wrong, I think mink fur is nice - when it's on a mink!! 

I've noticed that many of the companies selling these extensions boast that they don't kill the minks. According to one site they "harvest" the lashes "by gently brushing live animals." That all sounds well and good, until you realise that must mean that these animals are forced to spend their entire lives on fur farms.

You only have to take a glimpse inside a mink farm to know that it's cruel. Minks are solitary animals who roam over a habitat of several kilometres. Yet in fur farms they are locked in a cage the size of an open newspaper, surrounded by other minks. This is an incredibly stressful environment for them and can even lead to cannibalism and self mutilation. I stumbled across this film about fur farms in Sweden recently (Warning: this is not for the faint hearted!).

Wanting to look beautiful is one thing. But condemning an animal to a life of misery to have longer lashes is an ugly thing for anyone to do. Having said that, sadly the truth is that most people splurging on mink eyelash extensions probably don't even realise what goes into making them. If they did, I'm sure they'd buy synthetic lash extensions instead!

Now Groupon are turning Mink Fur Eye lashes into a cheap daily deal 68% off! Buy what about the price these poor animals have to pay?! 

Please sign my petition and show Groupon and the CEO Eric Lefkofsky that they should not be selling this type of product! 


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Groupon Eric lefkofsky
Please Stop Selling Fake Eyelashes Made of Real Mink Fur

I have always thought Groupon was a great site until I discovered this disturbing product that you are selling. These eye lashes will be the result of horrible suffering of countless minks, spending there life in a horrific fur farm. I appreciate that you are not directly involved in the production of this product, but you are promoting them and you have a responsible to make sure the products you promote are ethical and humane - these eye lashes are certainly not. The worst part of this is that things like mink fur used to be a very up market expensive product, now Groupon is mass marketing them to millions of people right before Christmas at 68% off!!! I know you will sell so many of them but I urge you to put a stop to this NOW and instead of thinking about money think about the price these minks will have to pay!!!

I'm sure you are not aware of the horrific conditions found on a fur farm (the definite source of these lashes) so I please we've you to take 2 minutes and watch this video by clicking this link After watching it you will realise why the manufacture of these lashes is so wrong, I am sure you are a decent human being and will not condone or support this animal abuse.

Thank you very much for your time