Loss to ordinary citizens by political parties

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MLA will become single just like collector , we can question mla just like how we question collector

We need MLA's & MP's but not political parties , those who want to become MLA & mp will participate in elections , independently .  according to majority percentage of votes will become ministers.

Loss with political parties: 

Ordinary citizen will question collector , if collector does anything wrong ,

if MLA does wrong no one will question because he will as many party members(karyakarta) behind him , those party members will attack us if we question MLA to his mistake , we fear to question MLA ,   if MLA is independent without political parties every ordinary person can question MLA because he is single & won't have any people behind him to beat questioned person, 

To elect Cm:  we should elect 1 as cm   from top 5 majority percentage of votes gained contestants .

To dismiss cm if he won't work well  should keep 1 evm in every constitution with good , bad option , if bad gets 51% just dismiss ,