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Professor, Yogesh K Tyagiji, Honorable Vice-Chancellor, Delhi University-110007

Respected Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal  Nishankji, Honorable, Union Minister for HRD, Govt. of India, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi-110001

Respected Sh. Narendra Modiji, Honorable Prime Minister of India, South Block, New Delhi, 110011


Subject: Regarding conduct interviews for ad-hoc assistant professors in all the colleges of Delhi University. Regarding transparent and accountable Adhoc Assistant Professor, recruitment, Delhi University. Demanding strict action against those who violate the ad-hoc assistant professor rules. Demanding legal action against all those colleges who appoints Adhoc assistant professor without holding an interview.


Respected Sir, 

We the applicant (research scholars) who applies annually in Delhi University for Adhoc Assistant Professor posts. Every year more than 20,000 research scholars apply for various posts of Adhoc Assistant professors, advertised by various departments of Delhi University. This year also we have applied in various departments of Delhi University. There is a fear among us if the college repeats the same candidates who were teaching on an ad-hoc basis. In fact, the associations of Delhi university had communicated to the principals to cancel the interviews as well as to re-engage the ad-hoc assistant professors, already teaching in the same college. The scenario of the Adhoc system has been drastically changed in the last few years. Now, without holding the interviews, the same candidates repeat every year who had taught in the previous years. In the year 2018 also it advertises for the same. But, most of the colleges canceled the interviews and appointed the same candidates as ad-hoc assistant professors who were teaching in the same colleges due to the protest by the Delhi university associations. That's also the violation of the Adhoc policy guidelines.

Sir, we are the biggest sufferers. These corrupt practices prevailing in Delhi university ad-hoc recruitment has greatly affected our livelihood. Our fundamental rights have been violated. The constitution and law of the land don't allow anyone to violates anyone's basic rights. 

Sir, Such corrupt practices could damage the image and reputation of the university in both academia and research. It violates the guidelines of the ad-hoc recruitment policy. This entire undemocratic and unconstitutional way to claim a job is injustice with all the applicants. Therefore, there is need to take strict action against such peoples who are involved in such practices.

Lets us brief you about the Adhoc recruitment policy document.

Ad-hoc Recruitment Policy guidelines

(i). In case there is a sudden, unexpected and short vacancy, arising out of sudden sickness or death, on medical grounds (including maternity leave), abrupt leave or any other situation that may disrupt the normal process of teaching or learning, an ad-hoc appointment may be made.

(ii). Due care must be exercised in determining and notifying expeditiously, the vacancies to be filled up on an ad hoc basis by the college (s) concerned.

(iii). The ad-hoc appointment should not be made where the vacancy arises for a period of less than one month.

(iv). The Adhoc appointment shall only be made for a period more than one month and up to 04 months (i.e. 120 days) in accordance with the provisions contained in clause 3(1) of the ordinance XIII.

(v). whenever the vacancy arises for the duration of more than four months, the same may be filled up on a temporary basis as per due process and procedures i.e. through a duly constituted selection process.

If the Adhoc recruitment rules are to be believed, then all the entire recruitment process of Adhoc goes against the rules and regulations. There are a few straight forward questions. One, why the various departments of Delhi University advertise notification annually when they don’t have to give chance to the fresh candidates? Two, is repeating the same candidates on the post of assistant professor (ad-hoc) doesn’t go against the Adhoc rules? Three, Is this nontransparent recruitment doesn’t mean giving more weight to corruption and also injustice with thousands of candidates? Four, those teaching as an Adhoc for many years haven’t violated the law?  

Therefore, for us, the real challenge is to have fair and transparent recruitment. The agenda should be to give justice to the thousands of thousands of candidates applies for Adhoc assistant professor every year at Delhi University. Therefore, the research scholars request you to look into this issue more seriously and issue strict guidelines to the concerned institutions. We request you to instruct Delhi University to conduct interviews for Adhoc assistant professors as soon as possible without delaying a single minute. We also request you to instruct not to engage any candidate as an Adhoc assistant professor without holding the interviews or not properly follows the ad-hoc guidelines. Our request you is to make the mechanism more transparent and accountable for the welfare of all the applicants.

We hope justice from your side in this matter.

It is requested to all the candidates to support this cause for more transparent and accountable recruitment in Adhoc DU-2019

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!