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Cancel the year back system in vtu both for cbsc and non cbsc scheme.

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Vtu is worst  university in India.It is just playing with lacks of students  life.vtu must  cancel the year back system  for both  CBSC and non CBSC Students.vtu must change  its rule of year  back system. On 19th August  vtu  announced  2nd sem  cbsc results.So many students  committed  suicide.As all of us seeing suicide of vtu  students in newspaper and TV. The reason for their suicide is this vtu.The students are so worried about  that they cannot  enter into second year because of this year back system. Vtu has put students in such  a pathetic condition.vtu made  students life depressed students   felt sacrificing their lives is better than living.As we know what happens in evaluation  of examination papers in vtu. Even though  students write  correctly  then also  they will  not  evaluate  correctly. Student  takes 3 hours to wire complete examination  paper.But these fellow evaluator will evaluate  the papers in matter of 1 or 2mins.They just ruin the life of students by failing them in subjects.In vtu  the  evaluator who knows the subject  will not  correct  the papers. They assign   evaluation  for  some one  who not even  have  the knowledge of the subject. Vtu is doing this just to earn money. What vtu is doing is absolutely wrong. For earning  money they made education  as a business  and at the cost of students life they are doing these things. They fail the students  in many subjects so that the students can apply  for revaluation.So that vtu can gain money. Students  with the hope  who puts for revaluation  that he might pass but after the revaluation results  the students miserably fails.Just because  their papers  will not be reevaluated  by vtu .vtu just  keep the same marks previously what the students had got.vtu is not re-evaluating papers because  their intention is to make  students to apply  for  examination again which is the only choice left  for students to apply for it.  So that again vtu  earn the money in this way. They are just looting the students  money by playing  with emotions and mental condition of students. I request  vtu to cancel this year back system  of both cbsc and non cbsc  scheme students. So that  students  life can be saved and they need not  to worry  for entering  second year. If vtu  will not  resolved this issue. Then at least  governnmet,education Minister  should look after this matter  for the welfare  of students. It's a request of all vtu  students. 

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