Get Frank Sumbera back as coach

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Today’s youth is so overly sensitive and easily offended, why? They lack coping skills, they’ve never dealt with disappointment, or discipline. The parents have raised them in an overprotective environment that caters to this behavior. The youth has learned that if they don’t like something, just tell mom and dad, and they will fix it.

Coach Frank Sumbera is a legend at Grosse Pointe North. Since 1973 no one has had this big of a problem and gone to this extent to end this mans career. However, the “Me generation” has managed to successfully do so. 

Parents have taken it upon themselves to elaborate situations, and complain constantly until the administrators had enough. What is this teaching these kids? 

In East Hanover New Jersey recently the school passed a new rule that everyone that tries out makes the cheerleading squad, no one gets cut. Why? Parents like the ones complaining at GPN. Their kids feelings get hurt temporarily and the parents jump the gun. This is an example of the path Grosse Pointe schools are heading. First the coach and next will be the teachers. Someone will get a C, the parents will complain and everyone will get rewarded the same with an A to protect kids feelings in a day of age where everyone gets a trophy even if they don’t win. Why have a tough coach that pushes you towards scholarships and victories if it involves tough love when everyone’s a winner?

If this change does not go through, and Coach Sumbera is not allowed to coach, I really hope they replace him with someone that plays games, gives out cookies, juice boxes, sings songs and high fives because that’s what they deserve. Then when they start to lose, not gain college scholarships as athletes, and they will then finally learn the lesson of disappointment. The parents cannot shelter them forever. Eventually they will experience disappontment, and it will be worse than learning from a coach.

”Un-coachable kids become un-employable adults” -Unknown

These kids need to learn tough love now while they have parental support to turn to before entering the real world. You can’t cry to mom and dad if your feelings get hurt when you’re in a salaried 9-5 career. Suck it up butter cup, that’s life.

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