We support a grocery on Carmel’s eastside

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We, as the public, wanted to express our support for a grocery store to go in to fill the space left vacant by the closure of the much-beloved O’Malia’s supermarket. This location at 126th Street and Gray Road is the ideal spot for a grocery store east of Keystone Avenue. 

It’s important to fill this space in general because if the storefront stays vacant too long it will have a negative effect of the residential surroundings. And we are writing to say we would prefer to see a grocery store go into this space and we, as neighboring residents, would frequent this store to make sure it is a success.

We thank the Carmel City Council and Mayor Jim Brainard for making this vacancy a priority. We know that several city councilors have personally sat down with grocery chains. It’s been reported that at least two chains have expressed interest. We are not trying to step on their toes but rather just express support for their actions. We want to provide an outpouring of support for this use in this space so a grocery chain will look at all the petition signatures and be eager to come to this space in Carmel. We thank you for your time!