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make it mandatory unsold food at grocers goes to food banks not trash

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Grocery stores overstock for attractive merchandising.. every day tons of food are discarded. While food banks rely on public donations. We all cannot purchase healthy food for the numbers in need, unfortunately there is more carbs than proteins and vegetables. This ultimately affects individuals, children are malnourished, iron deficiency Obesity, diabetics etc. Poor nutrition equals poor health for people in need. Surly this is costing the government more in the long run when people need prescriptions, doctor appointments, some ailments result in some being unable to work 

If grocers donate their best "before date" items they would get tax breaks for donations. food banks could have freezers for meat, perishables etc.  A win - win for everyone involved.

There are countries that already have these regulations in place. Wouldn't it be so wise.. to follow the footsteps that lead us to being a good example..respect for our politicians and government ?

















































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