Call for Grimsby Town to cancel Player of the Year awards

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This season has been a complete and utter shambles on and off the pitch from start to finish for Grimsby Town FC. We've seen one totally disgusting performance after another, on the pitch and in the boardtoom. No passion, no fight, no effort. It's taken me nearly 3 hours after our latest horror show to say something because I was totally lost for words at how bad it's been. To put on a Grimsby Town shirt and wear the badge means you have to show the commitment and give your all for the club, each other and most importantly the fans and I haven't seen that all season from anyone at the club. I hope each and every person at Grimsby Town FC is totally ashamed, then again I doubt they care. I am proud to call Grimsby Town my club and always will be no matter how low we sink, however, I am not proud to say any of our current players (other than Mckeown, Clifton and Dembele) wear my clubs badge and I am not proud to call the current board members directors of the football club I love. In fact I'm ashamed that any of them have anything to do with my club. Six years of rebuilding after we went down before has been undone in less than 18 months and it's totally heartbreaking. I honestly think we're going down and if that happens, it could be a death sentence.
I therefore call on Grimsby Town FC to cancel any planned player of the year awards or end of season celebration as to hold any such events would be a total insult to the undervalued and under appreciated fans who have traveled up and down the country supporting the club home and away this season. I can catagorically say that there is absolutely nothing to celebrate as it's been an utter failure of a season from top to bottom of this rotten football club that I hold so close to my heart.