Security at Griffis Summerlin South

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Since September 1st there have been 18 burglaries and 1 robbery at Griffis Summerlin South (I write this on October 15th). That is almost one burglary every other night. I myself was burglarized three nights ago. This is an epidemic.

I spoke with Grace at the front office the morning after I was burglarized. After telling me how sorry she is that I was burglarized, she started telling me that there is a serious problem that has been going on for a while with burglaries here. Griffis did sent a vague email out reminding us to be safe. However, it didn't mention that there have been 18 burglaries and 1 robbery here in a month and a half. I told her that I believe we should be told, specifically, that burglaries have been occurring, and that there have been 18 of them. I asked why they omitted those details. She responded by saying that Griffis doesn't want to alarm residents, and that the decision was made at the corporate level.

I strongly disagree with this. I believe that we are adults, and as residents, we deserve to know what is going on around us, and we need to be given a chance to prepare and defend ourselves. After talking to fellow residents, it seems that a lot of us agree on this, and are upset that Griffis hasn't kept us informed.

Furthermore, in my conversation with Grace, I asked about security cameras. She said that a request has been sent out to corporate and that they are considering it. After talking to fellow residents, I have become aware that many residents have previously requested security cameras, dating back to the first of the string of burglaries on September 1st. So then, it seems that corporate is taking way too long deciding on security cameras in a very dangerous time sensitive situation.

We request two important things from Griffis Summerlin South:

1) To be informed of the nature and magnitude of the crime happening in our community.

2) To install security cameras throughout the community.

It has been a month and a half and the burglaries are still continuing. I believe that these measures are necessary if we want to restore safety and peace of mind to our community.

(Edited to distinguish burglaries from robberies.)

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