Griffintown Construction Mismanagement Petition

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For the past couple of years and currently, the residents of Grifftintown have been experiencing multiple issues concerning:

- mismanagement of construction sites
- Delayed Boil advisory warnings
- Water cuts
- Access to no clean water
- Delayed response times from the City
- Safety around construction sites
- Traffic delays / detours / never ending round abouts
- misuse of public spaces
- unlawful parking tickets
- Mislabeled road signage
- Garage Closures
- Street Closures
- No traffic coordinators
- Bad road conditions
- Public safety of pedestrians and safety hazards for automobiles
- And the list goes on 

This petition is for the City to acknowledge the fact that they have not been doing their jobs the lack of Compensation for residents of Griffintown is warranted.

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