Strongly voice your disapproval against the application to rezone 503 Griesbach parade NW!

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Please sign this petition and voice your concern against the application to rezone the commercial area on 503 Griesbach Parade NW.

The application includes, but is not limited to, the following:
- Allowing the building of 2 apartment buildings up to six storeys
- Allowing the future development of :
  - Multi-unit housing
  - Child care services
  - General retail stores

As neighbors, together we have voiced many major issues to be against this application and potential development. These are some but not all of the concerns voiced through our social media and discussions with fellow neighbors:

- This is against the vision communicated to us by Griesbach show home sales agents/Canada Lands to have a pedestrian friendly commercial development with street level stores, similar to a European High Street style. This High Street style development is very successful in the Calgary neighborhood of Garrison Woods, which was developed by Canada Lands. Many of us paid a premium to purchase homes and grow a family in Griesbach in part because of this vision

- There will be an increase capacity and parking on each site by 50%. Griesbach Parade is already a very busy road with limited parking.  This increase in volume and parking will only add to the congestion,  is against the pedestrian friendly development and raises safety concerns

- If the six-storey buildings are to be wood-framed, there were major concern expressed by fire officials years ago per the below link

- The six-storey buildings would cast large shadows over neighboring buildings and the public plaza, diminishing the pedestrian and family enjoyability of the community

- Just across the street to the north of the proposed development is a new large four storey green colored condominium that is at much less than 50% capacity. There is no need for additional condos to be built when there’s plenty of capacity existing