Rename the White Mountains Redline

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In New Hampshire’s White Mountains, redlining is known by hikers as a niche term used to describe the project of hiking all the trails in a given region, which one highlights on the map in red once completed.

Outside of the hiking world, redlining more commonly refers to nationwide discriminatory housing practices that have directly resulted in poverty, shorter life spans, higher rates of chronic diseases, and reduced access to healthy food among urban communities of color. (For a full explanation, please see our article, "I'm Not Racist, I'm Redlining!".

A growing number of Black hikers and White allies are calling for this term to be retired from hiker vocabulary, due to its potential to trigger, and ignore the experiences of, people of color. 

Whether you just learned the significance of the term redlining or have been aware of it for a while, knowing that it stands for racist practices and that its continued use in hiking circles diminishes the experiences of hikers of color means that a change is needed.

Update: The Grid Council has responded to our article and renamed the redline, stating that they “don’t want any controversy.” We appreciate the quick action. A more impactful, ethical response, however, would be to publicly acknowledge, on the website and online forums, how the historical implications of redlining are extremely troubling, and redlining as a practice is wrong and morally unjust. Avoiding controversy does not equal ethics. If you support the idea of retiring the word redlining from hiking vocabulary, please share our article "I'm not Racist, I'm Redlining!"

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