Shonda to replace Krista

Shonda to replace Krista

7 June 2021
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Started by Ella Robbins

Krista is ruining greys anatomy

she sucks at making good storyline’s 

I mean yeah she’s good at whatever it is she does but she’s not good for greys 

she doesn’t know a true shonda season finale 

she is gonna make Amelia relapse I know it and no one wants Amelia to be sad she deserves to be happy 

she doesn’t understand the true meaning of greys anatomy 

she randomly fires the best people in the show and leaves us with nothing 

she killed Andrew Deluca did you hear that?
she KILLED Andrew Deluca one of the sweetest characters ever and now he doesn’t get to walk his sister down the isle- like why would you do that! you could of just made him go back to Italy- istg-  

she legit brang Sarah Drew back but Jessica said she didn’t get asked to come back which is so rude-

even if you don’t agree with everything here sign it because we all need our og shonda back


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Signatures: 13Next goal: 25
Support now

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