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Petitioning Greyhound stop arresting and deporting passengers.

Stop immigration check points w/ U.S Customs, Border Protection and D.H.S

Greyhound Bus Company has a history of discrimination from being one of the first companies to be OK with segregation of blacks and white people to give the white people a "better service" to now violating rights of privacy and our 4th amendment. Greyhound now works with Border Patrol to stop the buses during their trip and have Border Patrol officers check the immigration status of the passengers. Arresting people without a warrant but based on their suspicioun of the passengers being here as an undocumented immigrant by their accent or customs and placing them in correctional facilities and having them deported. Greyhound is not accountable to anyone therefor they don't care about the passengers or the luggage of the people who get arrested as long as they get their money from the tickets. If Greyhound cared they would be concerned about papers before the passengers aboard the buses and they don't inform you of immigration check points until the buses stop leaving you with no options but to have your rights of privacy broken. And arrested to face deportation when all people want is to travel to see family members and travel from one destination to another. Greyhound is treating innocent people like Criminals!
Most passengers don't know that when an officers of Border Patrol, Department of Homeland Security or Immigration Customs Enforcement stop you and ask you for papers of proof of residency you have the right to remain silent and are not forced to answer any questions.
Why would police officers start asking for your papers, or your manager at work? Is this the U.S we want?? We will hit them where they do care, their wallets.
We must stop this Injustice and violations of Rights.
Boycott Greyhound and Amtrak Services. You can also see them in action by searching in YouTube; greyhound and border patrol.

****Thank you and please share this.


Please call Greyhound Services and bombard them with questions about them  violating undocumented people's rights.

Contact Info for Greyhound. Corporate Office

Greyhound Lines, Inc.
PO Box 660691, MS 470
Dallas, TX 75266-0691


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