Petition Update

Greyhound Retiree Lifetime Bus Pass- Privileges

James Pennix
Lake Charles, LA

Sep 14, 2013 — Thanks to all that have signed this PETITION so far ,time to stop getting picked on my the MAN . a lot of you know me are knew of me and you know I always have like a good fight with greyhound . I been riding greyhound since I was 5 years old . had to ride in the back of the bus ,goto the colored restroom , to eat we had to get off the bus and go around to the back of the bus stop where they served food for the colored amazingly enough none of that bother me Because I never got to see anyone else in the greyhound corporation but the Bus Driver and Ticket agents ,restroom attendants and shoeshine men perform there duty for greyhound I gained great respect for there corporation . so I grow up and became a TRANSPORTATION SPECIALIST MOTORCOACH OPERATOR ( BUS DRIVER ) FOR THE GREYHOUND CORPORATION . Now i'm in a fight with the people that own the bus division of the company , just to get a life time bus pass that was there 20 years before I started 1976 working & 32 years I worked there .