Extend Deadline for Unlicensed Michigan Medical Marihuana Businesses

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The deadline for unlicensed Medical Marihuana businesses to continue operating has officially expired December 31st, 2018 which has forced them to shut down.

These businesses are not licensed yet because they are still undergoing the license process by the State of Michigan. Any businesses that did not follow correct guidelines were ordered to cease and desist, ultimately closing them down months ago.

Signing this petition will request for not another deadline to be set, but a new set of rules. Realistically, this legally recognized industry is very new to not only the Medical Marihuana businesses, but the State of Michigan as well. Rules and regulations are constantly changing. There is nothing wrong with this - we are all doing our best to pave the way for this industry to succeed. 

In order to become a licensed Michigan Medical Marihuana business it is a process - not just a one step solution. Each business license deadline should be a case by case basis. One single date should not automatically shut down all applicants, especially when they are at different stages in their license process.  


Signing this petition does not mean you are fighting for marijuana. Medical and recreational marijuana are both currently legal in Michigan. Signing this petition means you are fighting for the overall principle - without an extension, thousands of jobs in Michigan were suddenly lost, and Medical Marhjuana patients lost access to not only local and a larger variety of products, but also their trusted source.

The few licensed Michigan Medical Marihuana businesses that remain open have also been set up for failure due to limited access - for example, licensed Provisioning Centers can only buy from a licensed supplier. In order to efficiently serve their patients, they need access to more licensed suppliers.  

The importance of the Michigan Medical Marihuana program should not be overshadowed by the recent legalization of recreational marijuana - the accessibility and stability of Medical Marihuana facilities is still very crucial. When recreational facilities do open in a few years, they will provide not only a different experience, but different products and price points that may not be ideal for the needs of a Medical Marihuana user. 

When given the proper method of medicating with an appropriate product and dosage recommendation, Medical Marihuana has proven to provide both mental and physical health benefits that other sources do not. If the State of Michigan wants to see a serious, and professionally executed Medical Marihuana program in Michigan, we cannot play fast and loose every few months. 

There are an estimated 269,553 Medical Marihuana patients in Michigan, and we need 100,000 signatures to have a voice. We need the community to stand together so we can continue to move forward successfully. 







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