Strive for an honest Muskegon Family Court!

Strive for an honest Muskegon Family Court!

February 4, 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Joseph Hulett

Muskegon county family court is running unchecked with a careless Judge at the helm. 

Evidence is being blatantly ignored By Judge Gregory Pittman. Judge Pittman is setting a bad example at a time where we the people need to have trust in our government officials. Judge Pittman breaks this trust with evidence provided through his case history.

The muskegon county sheriff's are running rampant as well, turning in supplemental statements which bare no credibility to help their dispatchers in custody cases. 

Muskegon County family court has such a reputation with disregarding evidence from men that it's openly discussed yet nobody does anything about it.

There are plenty of public records to back up my words. There are complaints in our state capital. Lansing is doing nothing about Judge Pittman.

Is this more corruption? Why is Muskegon County not being investigated? 

Muskegon County will not change. I have witnessed how this family court treats men from an age of seven. I have experienced the same exact process thirty years later that they utilized against my father.

We need this Cycle to end. We need justice from those who can help the people that keep having their hearts ripped apart by losing their children unjustly.

There are psychological ramifications to the children and adults who are unjustly ripped apart. We need to stand together not just for our rights but for our children's rights. We need to show our children, whom are our future, that corruption will be sought out and will be dealt with appropriately.

So many people have been hurt by Muskegon County. 

It is time to let the bullies know that they can't bully us forever.

Again, Please stand with me and sign this with your heart. There are children out there who need this change. 


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Signatures: 121Next Goal: 200
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