Stop The Lift of Michigan Sex Offender Registry

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Less Than 90 days Law Makers of the state of Michigan will attempt to revise and or lift the sex offender registry, on behalf of 40,000 convicted sex offenders in Michigan. led by Miriam Aukerman, senior staff attorney at ACLU and University of Michigan Clinical Law Program.

This petition is about giving the SURVIVOR population in Michigan the proper notice, consideration and respect while seeking their input, if and when there are to be any laws changed, revisited, lifted from or added to the state of Michigan's judicial process, system(s), codes, rules, or regulations which will effect the SURVIVORS quality of living. Lawmakers of Michigan do not have the right to make such drastic changes without first consulting with those whom will be directly impacted by their decisions. I am a SURVIVOR/CONQUEROR of childhood sexual abuse, this coming change directly impacts not only my family’s quality of life and living in this State of Michigan, but all families inhibiting the state. ACE's Adverse Childhood Experiences like sexual abuse become " life sentences" of emptiness, shame, hate, guilt, confusion, depression, addictions, ptsd, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and actions for us on the surviving side. We are now beginning to create the safer environments we needed as children for the benefit of future generations.
We the SURVIVOR population demand that all 40,000 cases being presented in the class action lawsuit against the State of Michigan by ACLU and UofM be examined and investigated 1 by 1 case by case, as all 40,000 were not tried or convicted at the same time therefore these 40,000 cases can not and should not be lifted or revised in such a manner. Each Survivor must have their voice heard and personal right to safety respected.