SUPPORTING the proper review into the death of EDDIE WYATT

SUPPORTING the proper review into the death of EDDIE WYATT

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*Case Updates*

12/5/2019- Wayne county prosecutors Robert Spada , Tricia Gerard and a host of others closed out Eddies case

-4/27/2021 almost 2 years later Wayne County prosecutor Kym Worthy’s chief investigator James Bivens stated he would attempt to petition the Medical Examiner Dr. Dragovich to change the ruling from SUICIDE to ACCIDENTAL as cause of death. As he also stated in Nov. of 2020







To whom it may concern( sent to attorney general July of 2019)

Re: EDDIE WYATT DEATH/Murder 5/23/19 in Redford,mi


Re: complaint against Redford PD, Redford detective bureau, Wayne county prosecuting attorneys, OAKLAND county medical examiner office Dr. Lubisa j Dragovich

This petition is dedicated to demanding justice and a proper criminal investigation into the death of Eddie Wyatt. On 5/23/2019 in Redford, Mi, shortly after being driven home by his Mother, Eddie wyatt was stabbed 5 times, including twice in his heart.

-after being stabbed Eddies Girlfriend placed him in the car and drove him to his God Mothers home and pulled him out he car onto the pavement unconscious.

-No one was arrested and NO ON SCENCE INVESTIGATION was completed
-the very next day 5/24/2019 Eddies multiple stabbing death was ruled SUICIDE by Oakland County          Medical Examiner Dr. Dragovich with no on scene investigation, no toxicology reports and no medical records.     

-The autopsy report provided by Dr. Dragovich did not match any police reports, hospital ,or fire reports secured under FOIA. His report also did not include Eddie’s Fractured nose, and cuts on the outsides of his hands observed by hundreds at the funeral and photographed by family. Dr. Dragovich also stated that the privately secured 2nd autopsy performed by another medical examiner was “ a figment of his imagination in entirety.” When questioned why pertinent autopsy evidence photos were blacked out Dr.Dragovich told Eddie’s Mother they “were a shadow” .

-5/29 Eddies Mother was informed the investigation was complete because everything “matched the story the girlfriend provided.” despite evidence and confirmation of a violent fight.

-Eddie had absolutely no history of Suicide attempts, no psychiatric diagnosis, no illegal drugs in his system, and no criminal record.

-Eddie called multiple people for help and ultimately died on his Mothers Voicemail in a message over 3 minutes long, screaming “Im about to die”, presumably crying, and ultimately taking his last breath.


Upon review of Title VI of the civil rights act of 1964 many rights have been violated in this case specifically :


- intimidation from both Redford PD, Dr.Dragovic, and the wayne county chief prosecuting attorneys for attempting to submit formal complaints and request a  proper investigation.




-REFUSAL by the agencies listed to respond to to or accept a complaint based on the discriminatory, intimidation and believed proven misconduct and/or negligence.




-5/24  (sister of Eddie) was scheduled to meet with captain Diprima of the Redford PD to submit a formal complaint, after waiting an hour Sargent Pascia informed me he left because he was tired.


-I tried on 5/28 & 6/2 to put complaints in both not responded to


-7/8 contacted MICHIGAN State police and spoke with a supervisor who informed me if REDFORD PD refused to take the statement the next in chain of command would be the prosecuting attorney


-when attempting to submit complaint Chief prosecutor Robert Spada abruptly yelled in the lobby while bringing 3 armed officers to  refuse to take my statement citing “my feeling inadequate police work and treatment” did not justify him accepting a formal complaint. Tricia Gerard also denied my request to submit a formal complaint and referred me to the “city manager”of Redford. 



The girlfriend contacted my mother via a messenger app and we reported a conversation that lasted 62 messages. When asked why eddies hands were cut she stated. “It was a fight.” 


None of this was taken in the investigation 





My mother LIsa Johnson met with chief prosecutor attorney Robert Spada , Tricia Gerard, and lead homicide detective along with approximately 6 other people. Ms Gerard stated that while “ they did not believe Eddies death was an intentional Suicide” They stated “they are choosing to not do anything to investigate this case because  Eddie had an unrelated substance issue in 2016 and also because they are not obligated to do something for each case that comes on their desk “




We were advised by the director of the hospital with possibly misleading medical records to seek an attorney for possible HIPPA violations  in his file.


Despite their claims of abuse, Eddie was a 31 year old black male with no criminal or psychiatric record that would document any previous suicide attempts.


The girlfriend has an extensive psychiatric historY.

Our family are not only  tax payers and positively viable members of the community but,also,  citizens who deserve our civil and human rights to be granted. Our communities are entrusted to people who are elected and appointed to protect and serve but unfortunately my family as well as my deceased brother Eddie Wyatt has been underserved, unprotected, and forcefully declined our basic human and civil rights multiple times throughout this lack of investigation.




I would like to include the following in our complaint for possible intimidation, refusal to accept complaint, negligence and not performing duty to investigate a crime and hopefully receive a receipt of my complaint:

Oakland County Medical examiner office

Dr. Ljubisa J. Dragovic- Oakland county medical examiner
Redford police department (homicide division)

Homicide lead detective Bero

Homicide detective Bicci

Officer Pederson

Captain Sarafina

First responding officers 5/23

unreported officers and canine unit in hospital 5/23

Redford police captain Diprima

Officer sharp


We seek Justice, Then peace!

The family of Eddie Wyatt

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At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!