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Repeal Michigan's Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law A.K.A Rape Insurance

As a woman living in Michigan, I was shocked to see this bill come into law. This mysoginistic, and discrimatory law states that if a woman wishes to have an abortion, she must have separate insurance or else she must pay out of pocket for the $245-$695+ medical proceedure; even in cases of rape or incest.

This outragous bill, is blaming victims of rape/incest of the actions of their attacker and is punishing them by forcing them to carry a child they do not want. It is also forcing women to anticipate that they will be sexually assualted. Abortions are a woman's health issue and should be treated as such, it should be covered by insurance regardless of what special interest religious groups say. 

Their petition was able to go pass Governor Rick Snyder's veto with only 3% of Michgian's population signing it. 3% that's not even 300,000 people from Michigan!

These special interests groups are forcing their religious ideals and practices upon those who do not even support that religious practice. They're using the clause that they shouldn't have to pay for something they don't believe in; which again is forcing people to follow their religious beliefs. 

Please sign your name and help in the cause of getting the Abortion Insurance Opt-Out law repealed. Tell Michigan's Senators that we will not stand for this bill and we demand this bill be repealed!

A woman's body is her own to control, no one else's. Tell lawmakers to stop trying to regulate what happens with a woman's body.

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    Gretchen Whitmer 2
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    Glenn Anderson
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    Rick Snyder

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