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GBSD Elementary Principal Job Posted

Seth Stambaugh
Portland, OR

Mar 20, 2013 — The Gresham Barlow School District has posted a job on their HR website for an elementary principal. In an act of supreme cowardice, the district has neglected to name which school the position is for. This is a clear act of political posturing, and I would not be surprised if they transferred a principal from a different GBSD school to North Gresham Elementary and then hired a new principal elsewhere to help cover their tracks. Ultimately, this job is to replace Tom Klansnic, no matter what dubiously creative and highly transparent tactic they use.

It is important that it is known that the district is still quietly moving ahead with its plan to oust Mr. Klansnic. Those connected to North Gresham in any way: DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT! Let your voices be heard! If this petition is not working, hand write a letter. Make a phone call to Randy Bryant, Executive Director of Human Resources. Send him an email. Make it known that this action will not be tolerated.


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