Discuss the sale of Adamas Pharmaceuticals

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The board of Adamas Pharmaceuticals does not seem to recognize the desire of a majority of investors to actively seek a solution to the massive devaluation of their share price. The decision to go alone in the marketing of the drug GOCOVRI following its approval on August 24, 2017 was debated and contested by many of us. This is, among other things, an important reason why the stock is sold short to more than 50% of the daily volume, almost every day, for several months now. The markets do not seem to believe or at least seems to strongly doubt that a small company like Adamas Pharmaceuticals can, at reasonable costs, market a single drug and compete with the large pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson or Roche. For us, long-time investors, it was a very frustrating journey, despite an episode where everything seemed to be in order, it was very short term since a secondary offering came to crush the long-awaited returns, in addition to giving to short sellers another reason to hit us.

To deny that investor pressure to consider the sale of Adamas Pharmaceuticals exists is insulting. Not to consider the sale of Adamas Pharmaceuticals as a viable strategy is irresponsible. To tell investors that the board of directors makes its decisions in our best interest and to refuse to consider selling the company is a lie. To remain silent to the public while the stock has lost more than 60% of its value in six months is a sign of incompetence.

There is still time to back down. Every day, tens of thousands of dollars are swallowed up in the marketing of a drug that deserves to be quickly and efficiently brought to the patients who need it. It is time to consider the sale of Adamas Pharmaceuticals.

By signing this petition, I add my voice to hundreds of investors who want the option of selling the company to be discussed and eventually adopted. It is not to serve the patient to let the manipulators control the destiny of this company, as is the case at this time.