Save AP French at Bel Air High School!

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Currently, the Bel Air High School Administration has removed AP French from the list of available classes for next year. The removal of such an important language class is detrimental to all of the upper level courses at Bel Air High School.

All upper level classes typically have smaller class sizes due to the rigor of the course. If these classes begin to be cut because they are smaller, advanced placement classes everywhere in Bel Air could be in jeopardy. Some years have higher attendance than others, however, removing a class from the schedule will reduce interest in the course itself for following years -- essentially ensuring there will never be enough interest to resume teaching the course.

If the French pathway lacks an AP level course, then overall interest in French will drain. Students will opt to take courses where they are sure an AP course will be offered. Language is important, especially in our exceedingly connected world. French is the only language, aside for English, that is taught in every country and is also the fourth most commonly spoken language in America. French and English are closely connected languages, about one third to a half of all basic English words come from French. With the status of being the 6th most widely spoken in the world (~220 million and growing speakers worldwide), eliminating AP French would impede on our ability to communicate and participate in world affairs.

Learning a language is an essential part of education. It teaches culture, communication, and writing in a way unique to any other form of teaching. So while it may seem unimportant to preserve a class only 10 students want to take, it is crucial that higher level language education remains an option at Bel Air High School for current and future students. Preserving higher level language classes keep the rest of the French program alive.

The French program is more than just a class to most of us. It’s our family. We’ve gone on trips to Europe and Canada, learning about the language and culture. We all belong to a French Honor Society dedicated to spreading appreciate and knowledge of the French language.

If you also feel that it is important to keep AP French a class at Bel Air High School, then please sign our petition. It is imperative that we let the administration know that removing this class would be a mistake and that this class is important to more than just the ten students trying to take it next year.


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