Make Counseling Sessions at UT Austin Free for Students

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The University of Texas at Austin is one of the only public schools in Texas that charges for counseling sessions, and is the the public school with the highest rate per session. Likewise, UT Austin is one of the few schools that has a limit on these paid sessions for students. According to the Archives of General Psychiatry, An estimated 26 percent of Americans ages 18 and older – or about 1 in 4 adults - live with a diagnosable mental health disorder, and compared to older adults, those aged 18-24 are the least likely to seek help for their mental health issues (SAMHSA). According to data, seeking help for mental health issues is very low for college aged students, so why should UT be making it harder? The University of Texas at Austin should eliminate fees for counseling sessions for mental health concerns for students in order to help their students feel safe and mentally health on campus.