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Help me speak up against bullying

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Bullying is an epidemic that has been ignored for a long time. Growing a thick skin is no longer an answer to the culture of bullying. We need to face this head on. We need to talk about it, find solutions and hold people accountable. I was bullied by my supervisor at the City of Vancouver. I believe it is my right to speak about my experience at the city council, during an anti-bullying Pink Shirt Day celebration at the city hall. I have approached the city clerk’s office multiple times to setup a day to speak at the city council meeting. Apparently, the city is not very keen on my openly sharing this experience. They have told me that bullying is not on the agenda. City of Vancouver celebrates Pink Shirt Day on Feb 28th each year to promote mutual respect and kindness towards fellow human beings. Bullying is part of the agenda on Feb 28th/2018. I would like to take advantage of the opportunity to express my concerns. I believe we need a platform to speak about our experiences openly. I believe we not only need a platform at work but also at school assemblies, students and parents should be able to openly share their experiences with the masses to spread awareness of the impact bullying has on people. We need to stop pushing the problems under the rug. We need to deal with these issues as they arise instead of allowing them to grow and fester.

As a resident of the City of Vancouver, I am asking my fellow residents to support me in taking this to the attention of our Mayor and council. It is not only our right but also, our responsibility to raise our concerns, and ask our elected officials to help deal with the issues that are plaguing our communities. I want to go to the city clerk’s office with this petition to ensure that I get a time slot to speak at the city council meeting on February 28/2018. 

Thank you very much!

Satie Shottha

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