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Gregg and Donnelly - Support Marriage Equality

John Gregg and Joe Donnelly who are running as Democrats for Governor and Senator of Indiana, have decided that same-sex couples do not deserve to be treated fairly. They support a Constitutional Amendment that would eliminate civil unions and ban marriage. Please tell them that's not the kind of Democrat we support.

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Donnelly Joe Donnelly
Gregg for Governor John Gregg
This week the leader of the Democratic Party and our President, Barack Obama, cam out in support of marriage equality for same sex couples. In one sentence he validated thousands of relationships across the country and placed us on equal footing.

He, like a majority of Americans and a plurality of Hoosiers, knows that love is what matters and that loving same sex relationships should be treated fairly under the law.

Your support for a discriminatory Constitutional Amendment is out of line with Democratic values, out of step with Hoosiers and out of date with Americans. We urge you to change your mind and stand with all families.


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