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Support a new open system for the re-use of empty buildings for social good

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Ask councils to implement a new planning classification of 'ReSpace', which enables landlords and community groups to easily collaborate on the re-use of empty buildings.

Since it opened, in May 2015, The Hive, in Dalston, has set about proving that un-funded and under-privileged community groups could easily turn an empty, unused building into a valuable, self-sustaining social, political and community space - under the right conditions. Hosting and creating hundreds of meetings, events, workshops, seminars, cabarets, conferences, exhibitions, celebrations, music nights, jams, tribal gatherings, film screenings as well as helping international campaigns such as CalAid, Brufut in The Gambia and charities supporting refugees in the Congo and Syria, The Hive has earned an extension from seven months to August of 2016.

The Hive proves that the model works, the next stage is to create the conditions in every council that can allow groups like us to create their own Hive's and versions of it that are suitable for them.

ReSpace Projects propose this new classification, 'ReSpace', as a feasible solution to this problem by allowing the landlord or community group to apply for a special status which covers the temporary use of a building by community interest, social or charitable groups - without affecting the status of the building when it returns to use by the landlord.

More details can be found on our website.

Sign this petition if you think empty buildings should be re-used by the community - for the community - and you want to see a fairer system in place where we can make this change happen.

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