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Tell Congress to fund the CDC before the next mass shooting

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My name is Jonathan Owens and I represent the Party of Reason and Progress.

I am not a close friend or family member of one of the 11,000 people who are murdered annually by guns. I am not one of the 116 million people who live in a house with a gun in it. I have gone shooting several times and fired everything from a Glock 17 to a Bushmaster AR-15. I am by all accounts a bystander in the current gun debate.

In the wake of the Parkland shooting we have heard lots of ideas on how to prevent the next mass shooting. They run the gamut from "ban all guns" to "arm every teacher, janitor and guidance counselor". The answer does not lie on either end of that spectrum, but rather somewhere in the middle. Reeling from the constant fights on Facebook and Twitter, I sought to find the reasonable answer to this crisis. One thing that stood out was the complete lack of scientific data and proposals to curb gun violence. There are other state models which look promising, but there are also lots of arguments of why those solutions will not work in our uniquely "American" culture.

The only way to find the best solution is to approach it scientifically. The ideal group to research this would be the scientists at the CDC. While it is a government entity, it is a nonpartisan entity who has tackled the some of our deadliest threats. However, to win this fight, we need to properly fund the CDC. Part of the solution is repealing the Dickey Amendment which prevents the CDC from "advocating for gun control", but the other portion is to directly fund the CDC and provide it the resources to prevent the 30,000 gun deaths each year when you include suicide (that is more than the entire population of Parkland, FL). 

We need to tell congress, and specifically the members of the Energy and Commerce Committee, that they need to do their jobs and provide adequate funding to the CDC to reduce this epidemic. We need to tell them that facts and data are not "political" and that science is neither left or right-wing. We need to create a meaningful change to protect each and every American from bad guys with guns and the only way to know how to do that is through what we do best: analyze the data, hypothesize a solution, and then actualize that solution effectively.

The Party of Reason and Progress believes the best solution to this problem will come from an American. Hopefully from our best and brightest. We have some of the most capable scientists and researchers in the world. In fact, the United States leads the world in Nobel Prize winners with 368 wins (nearly 3 times more than our closest competitor). With so many brilliant minds why have we not studied the causes behind and ways to fix our incredible homicide rate? Some might argue our homicide rate isn't that high, but it is 3-5 times higher than Canada, Germany, Australia, the U.K., or South Korea.

We implore you to support this endeavor and help send each and every member of the Energy and Commerce Committee a message. We are done waiting to see if this problem fixes itself. We are tired of hearing the same excuses. We are going to do the right thing. Please also check out our website​ and follow us on Facebook​ and Twitter​ to track what we're doing to get more funding to people who can make a difference. 

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