Include the East Lake - Listen to the people Regenerate !!!

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Recently Regenerate Christchurch announced that a Flat Water Lake facility did not make the short list for being included in the Red Zone in Christchurch. This is despite 65.3% of submissions to Regenerate in support of a Lake. Regenerate have also stated the lake is technically feasible and funding was not a stumbling block.

East Lake will deliver huge recreational, economic and social benefits for Canterbury, and New Zealand for generations to come.  Independent studies show that the lake will bring in $20 to $30 million of benefits to the region per annum.
This is not an either/or situation.  East Lake is very compatible with the ecological ambitions of the ‘Green Spine’.  There is plenty of scope for both projects to shine.
The people of Christchurch need to send a message to Regenerate, The City Council and the Government.  East Lake is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create an asset with huge benefits for the people of Christchurch and generations to come, whilst being of significant benefit to the ecologically of the area.
We are asking Regenerate and the Minister to include the Multi-use Recreational East Lake in the long term planning for the redzone. 
Let’s not miss this opportunity!
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