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Petitioning Greg Schwab, Aviation Division Chair, Utah Valley University

Allow Hybid Classes for Aviation Students

Utah Valley University offers both online and on campus classes. Many students, including non-traditional students, are better served by the Hybrid class which consists of part in-class interaction and online activity. These classes meet once or twice a week and carry a component of online tests and assignments. Many UVU aviation professors have held these classes, they have been successful and a benefit to the students who have taken them. We respectfully ask Professor Schwab to reverse his decision doing away with these classes. Professor Schwab's decision does not take into account the impact on students who thrive in these classes and enforces an arbitrary "in class or online only" standard. This standard does not reflect the ability of both faculty and students to blend technology and traditional education for maximized results in the 21st century.

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  • Greg Schwab, Aviation Division Chair, Utah Valley University

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