Cancel his Youtube account.

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Because he will ruin Monstercat entirely with his shit dancing. Also, before you go off saying that this is a form of "Bullying" or "Harrasment" just know that he is very rude to people in the community, For instance, he told me on December 7th "I just want to f*** your mothers fat a** so bad" quote on quote, also he wrote to my friend on the same day "I DONT S GIVE A FLYING F*** ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY, RETARD" Quote on quote if you don't want to sign, fine. Just letting whoevers reading this is that I would not want a child cussing out people in the Monstercat community, and I would not want him to be bullied or harrased anymore cause of all the stuff hes been getting through the community, I would not want any child to be "The Joke" of a huge community. 


Just Saying 

   ~Cody (Saeber)

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