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Mental Health, Oral Health and Optic Health should be a part of BC Healthcare

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Last time I checked, my mouth, brain and eyes were a part of my body! All of these body parts contribute to an array of medical issues when they are not taken care of. The purpose of this petition is to open the doors to healthcare reform and have dentist's, physiatrists, optometrists and medical degree accredited naturopaths/homeopaths (who are all bound by confidentiality) be covered in various degrees, by BC Health Care and share digital patient files. 

My own story and incidents with our healthcare system is the inspiration for this petition. I have crohn's disease, my spouse has type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol (and is not overweight). Depression and addiction is in my family and has impacted all of our lives. Over 13 years ago I was diagnosed with crohn's during an emergency surgery. Since then I have had various doctors and specialists try to encourage treatments that would not cure, but alleviate symptoms and help prevent narrowing of my intestines to avoid another surgery. Upon my own research, I learnt that these types of remedies would kill me before I ever needed another surgery! Therefore I have turned down the treatments and turned to "Dr. Google" for answers and remedies...and I have still not needed another surgery. I am 99.9% certain that the inflammation I get in my eye's and mouth as well as the tiny blisters that come and go have to do with crohn's. I am also certain that I go through phases with each symptom, and that it has to do with hormones. I would love to be able to see a Natural Doctor because I know that that type of doctor looks for "root causes" and digs deeper with test, but I would not be able to afford the consultations or the cost of the tests that I would need done. 

As I'm sure anyone with the same issues as my spouse knows, the medication may be lifesaving, but has it's side effects that leads to other ailments. All of the above leads to countless doctor visits that lead to more prescription remedies and that can be very costly to the patient, the insurance companies and our health care system.

My sister was diagnosed with endometriosis in her adolescent years and very quickly got addicted to painkillers, as that was the treatment her doctor provided. To make a long story short, that addiction has led to other addictions as well as mental illnesses. 25 years later, her addiction is being treated with pharmaceuticals, so is her mental illness and she is on permanent disability. 

I know there are thousands of people who have been failed by our current healthcare system. The current system is being continuously burdened financially due to repeat doctor visits (just to get prescriptions) as well as coverage for refills and remedies for the side effects...vicious cycle! 

As a part of the solution I would like to see 2 things happen;

1. Have BC Healthcare cover Dental, Optometry, Psychiatrist and Doctors in natural medicine 

2. Implement a computer information system that would link the patient files from each sector of specialist  

Let me explain why. Our mouths are the first point in the digestion process. Poor digestion is often the cause for many other diseases (to many to list).

A simple eye exam can detect an array of things like stroke and diabetes and could save lives and improve quality of life if caught early ...but most people don't get an exam unless it is absolutely necessary because of the cost.

Same situation with a Psychiatrist, sometimes the "cure" for depression is to properly learn coping mechanisms and ways to alleviate stress, other times those feelings are brought on by something physical such as a nerve disorder or even something as simple as an allergy....but we don't know because even when people do use the service, all they end up with is a prescription and a card for another appointment.   

Doctors practicing Natural Health Care, often take a more thorough approach requesting tests and a head to toe examination so they have a clear picture of everything going on and are able to diagnose accurately before they determine a treatment. This SHOULD be a practise that traditional doctors use as well, in my experience with doctors, they tend to use a trial and error method of i'm a car. Not only should British Columbians have the choice of the type of doctor they use, they should also have the choice of treatment. Another major reason why Natural Health Care should be covered is because of their approach with addiction. I know from experience with my sister that when I worked on her pressure points, it completely alleviated withdrawal symptoms. Covering Natural Medicine would also give Traditional Medical Doctors some competition. 

By linking a "one file" system for each patient, it could save a lot of time and money for the patient, doctors and our Healthcare system! It would provide a complete record of all things health related including pharmaceutical history. It could also show patterns and reveal similarities in symptoms in other patients that could lead to undiscovered treatments.                


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