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To ask our East Riding of Yorkshire MP to put to the PM his constituencies view on DUPdeal

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Re: LGBT and Human Rights in NI

We dont want to live in a country where our pm is completely fine to hold hands with a party of people whose ideologies are so extremely, completely different to ours and the rights we have fought for for YEARS.

LGBT, women, or possibly even most humans in the UK, and friends and family members of the above, watched their PM lose a mandate and seats, on a manifesto which had no questions answered, based on JUST Brexit, doing a speech about her new Government. Essentially for a period of time we ALL  had to question whether OUR rights were at risk due to this DUP 'deal'? That is on the PM and public has had no apology or acknowledgement for any.

Why is it fair for such a huge portion of the UK to suddenly feel like these extremist values may come over here. MP Ruth Davidson states the PM assures us there will be no change to the policies. How can anyone believe or have faith in the PM now? The uk is scared, even people who voted Conservatives are completely shocked and apologising to and deflecting their chosen parties. 

After the feeling that our rights may be taken away, we came to thinking about Northern Ireland and their fears.

This is no longer a political issue. It is humanitarian.

We, your East Yorkshire Constituents, ask our local MP to put forward to the PM 

back away from a deal with a party with extreme ideas and values for the UK

Step in and HELP Northern Ireland's fight for human rights.



One example. People are in jail for terminating pregnancies concieved by sexual assualt-so is the nurse who helped the victim of the assault


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