Transplant medications to be free for Australian transplant patients

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As the partner of a transplant receipient ( kidney) I am acutely aware of the burden that the out of pocket expenses for transplant recipients in relation to their ongoing care of their transplant. An Australian article titled " Quantifying the medication burden of kidney transplant recipients in the first year post‑transplantation". This article outlines that during the study period of nine months the out of pocket costs for those without a health care card was $916. 85. When you average this out over 12 months that equates on average to $1,222.46. This amount does not meet the Medicare safety net Threshold for a couple.

Deceased transplants are an altruistic gift, and they should not be compromised by the cost of medications to ensure they remain viable. It is known that some people  opt to cut back on their immunosuppression medication (to save money), with catastrophic consequences. These medications should be made available for free to ensure that this gift of an organ is not compromised.