Protect Acupuncture to Qualified Acupuncturists

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Acupuncture is so effective many under trained modalities are incorporating into their practices.

The Acupuncturist title is protected by AHPRA registration, but not the act of giving an acupuncture treatment.

Australian Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctors spend 3-5 years studying the complexities of this system and how to implement safe treatment for individual patients. 

The Trained Acupuncturist have seen an inundation of massage, chiropractor, Osteopath, podiatrist, western medicine and more, therapies using "acupuncture or "Dry needling" amongst their treatment regime. These modalities usually go to a weekend, up to a 2 week course to use needles and do dry needling. They are not regulated as stringently as a fully trained Acupuncturist or even required to register its use at all.

They often use advertising and patient statements, they often state how effective dry needling or acupuncture is for their treatments, we are denied being able to do.

Referrals from these modalities are stopping as they incorporate this limited and brief studies method into their own practices.

Please help me ask Greg Hunt & our governing bodies to protect the public and limit acupuncture & dry needling to those trained in the appropriate  3-5 year courses.